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Art of the Daiza Logo

Suiseki – The Transformation

In the river of life, man is not unlike a stone, dropping out of the ground into a moving stream.
He starts to tumble down the fast-moving current and reaches the powerful river.
There he falls into various pools where he gets stuck spinning around and around.
In the pools, he crashes into other larger stones which break and chip away at him causing rough edges and sharpness.
By the time he reaches his journey’s end, all the sand and water have sanded him and transformed him from a sharp, broken rock into a smooth and polished stone, a work of art.

Jerry Braswell

Art of the Daiza Philosophy

Many of my Daiza and Suiseki clients commonly share a story of wading in a clear stream, looking at the colorful stones and picking up a few to bring home to set on their porch or side table to further enjoy the shape, texture , color and touch. This is the art of viewing stones or in Japanese, suiseki.

The spirituality of suiseki and bonsai is the traditional core value of these two ancient arts. It is very meaningful and important to me to honor this value. I approach each project with respect for the Suiseki Stone and the Bonzai Tree that will rest upon my art.

Daiza and Bonsai

With each Daiza or Bonsai stand I craft, precision care is given to selecting the right wood for the project to enhance the beauty of the stone or properly display a Bonsai tree.

Bonsai Stands are constructed with strong woods and high-quality joinery. Multiple finish layers of lacquer sanding sealer and satin lacquer, followed with a superb furniture wax produce a protective heirloom quality finish.

All custom Daiza stands are well fitted to your stone, available in traditional dark wood, usually walnut or you can pick from any of the exotic woods I offer. You are welcome to provide your own wood if appropriate for the project.

Our Daiza stands are custom made-to-order. Please allow time for the creative process.

Suiseki Stones

I am a personal collector of Suiseki stones often spending an entire afternoon along river beds searching for the most unique and inspiring stones worthy of display. I offer these stone for sale to you, along with stones acquired from top Suiseki collectors.

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